As homeschooling moms we are building and blessing His kingdom today. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees in the work in which we are engaged, but our savior is there, blessing us. As we establish a Christ culture, we may not realize the depth and breadth of what we are in fact doing, but our Savior knows. He knows that the tender hearts of our children are receptive and gleaning. He knows that this culture we are cultivating is worth all that we sacrifice to provide, and He loves us for committing our hearts to His. He needs us in this work of salvation.


When we trust in the giver of all good gifts we will begin to acknowledge that the sacred spaces, places, and practices we establish, the daily work that we do to foster learning and faith, puts our children’s feet on the path home to Christ. It confirms light and truth in their being, and inspires their desires to make righteous decisions. It builds His kingdom, one home and one precious soul at a time.


If you are considering homeschooling, and want to know the deep unseen blessings that can come from taking this leap, or if you are in the process but are not really giving yourself the grace and credit you could, or if you wonder why God asks His daughters to champion the home, this episode will strengthen your heart and give it courage and rest.

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